About Safety Heights & Rescue

We are a specialist training, consultancy, and rescue services company, that works in the specialist area of outage/construction and maintenance safety.

Primarily this involves Heights, High Risk, and Confined Space Operations.

We are a Registered Training Organisation and deliver Nationally Recognised Training, our code is 52610.

Why are we different from all the other companies out there?

Simply, we are specialists in Rescue, Heights, Safety and Confined Space operations.

We can build you a custom safety and rescue plan, do your covid-19 testing or come up with a hygiene protocol for your compliance.

Between our nationally accredited training organization, and our safety and services business - you can be assured that when we are involved we have a much broader knowledge of the work than simply hiring a consultant.

As you can see, we don't need to use generic photo's to show what we do.. because we are out there actually doing it.