About Safety Heights & Rescue


We are a specialist training, consultancy and rescue services company, that works in the specialist area of outage/construction and maintenance safety.

Primarily this involves Heights, High Risk and Confined Space Operations.

We are a Registered Training Organisation and deliver Nationally Recognised Training, our code is 52610.

Why are we different from all the other companies out there ?

Simply, we are specialists in Rescue, Heights and Confined Space operations.

Between our nationally accredited training organisation, and our safety and services business - you can be assured that when we are involved we have a much broader knowledge of the work than simply hiring a consultant.

As you can see, we don't need to use generic photo's to show what we do.. because we actually do it..


Our office is located next to ENZED
& the Lunchbar ( Corner of Rockingham and Hope Valley Rd )

Unit 3, 1216 Rockingham Road 

Naval Base W.A. 6165

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