workers in confined space
Sentry and Shutdown Services

One of the specialist services we provide, are highly qualified - experienced shutdown and rescue staff.

Not only can we provide these qualified individuals, we bring all of our own equipment ( if required ).

We can provide Sentries and Rescuers, both with Rope and Confined Space qualifications and experience.

Why should you consider outsourcing, or using our services ?


  • Cost Effective ( we look after the incidental things like insurance, equipment, servicing, rostering, workers comp, registration, tagging, maintenance and procurement of all the gear )

  • Time saving ( let us look after the nitty gritty, just give us the job and when/where - we will sort the rest )

  • Value for Money ( sometimes, buying or hiring all the gear can be rediculously expensive - then you need to train people.. and the costs just get out of control )

  • Multiple Capabilities ( our staff can review rescue plans, assist with breath testing and be put to multiple tasks )

  • Short notice capable ( yes, we can mobilise - ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.. around Australia )

  • Experienced ( We have been doing this work for many years, but we treat every outage / shutdown or project as a first - and do a thorough job ).


We will always do the right thing by our clients, and we are experienced in this type of work.

Shoot us a message and we'd be happy to help !