Portable fire extinguishers
lady using bullex fire simulator trainer
bullex portable ITS fire trainer
Fire Extinguisher Training

(PUAFER008 - Confine small emergencies in a facility)
Nationally Accredited Training

This course can be delivered as both a nationally recognised competency ( if required ) and also as a certificate of attendance.

There is a fantastic mix of theory and practical, students get lots of ' hands on ' to practice as much as they like until they are comfortable and confident in their abilities. ( we will always encourage you to have as many go's as you want ).

We use an electronic bullex ITS, it is completely safe while you have the feeling of real flames - we also have complete control and you will remain safe at all times.

No more pretending with a laser pointer, squirting road cones with an extinguisher ' pretending ' like other companies do, this is the real deal. ( without the nasty bin full of kerosene and powder afterwards ).

We have some of the most up-to-date training equipment available to the industry, we can easily deliver this at your workplace if getting the team out for training proves to be difficult.. let us come to you ! - Anywhere in Australia, not a problem.

Price: $150 Per Student ( at our facility )

Group prices are available, please contact us for more information