ELSA ( EEBD ) Training
( non accredited ) or can be incorporated with SCBA ( Accredited )


If you work with one of these devices, you need this training.


So, what is it ?

An ELSA ( Emergency Life Support Air - or Apparatus ) is a compressed air breathing apparatus with a fixed flow of 40LPM - supplied air escape system device that enables occupants to escape in the event of an emergency.

Such an emergency could involve a CO2 fire suppression system being set off or a sudden rise in a hazardous gas within a space ( i.e. in an engine room or confined space ).

The benefit of these types of devices, are that whilst they are classified as a CABA, they are not an SCBA ( 15 minutes only )- hence persons with glasses or facial hair can also use them with minimal disruption.

We are capable of doing this training on site, we have 6 ELSA unit's - we have compressors and can refill and reset the unit ready for another go.

Be safe in the knowledge that if you ever have to use one - then you'll be capable and confident to operate the device.



$180 per person, group discounts available.