Brands we endorse and distribute

Safety Heights and Rescue are authorised resellers for the following quality brands:

For everything from rope to harness and helmets, in an industrial situation you simply cant go past this gear.


Why Skylotec ?

- Internationally recognised brand

- Australian Certification on harnesses

- Made to last, durable

- Comfort you have to wear to believe, we've been in them for days and no problem what so-ever

- Purpose build for Industrial clients
- We use them as our training harnesses, and they haven't died.
- We also use the 'Milan Power' for teaching rescue

- Our Rope rescue student's wear ' Rescue Pro 2 ' Harnesses

Kong & Edelrid


Kong make some of the best connectors we've seen, mallions and crabs - the quality is fantastic, their slings are some of the lightest - best and most durable we've seen.

If you are a recreational user, you'd know these guys - and they have been around for FOREVER.. top quality gear, reasonably priced - we use edelrid 22kN slings in our facility to train.
We use kong connectors on our systems and ascent and descent devices for our students to train with. ( We love the procave and the duck backup and the clack... and the prostep... ) the list goes on..


- Internationally recognised brands

- Exceptional durability for professional and recreational solutions

- Solutions for both female and male harness design

- innovative and constantly evolving product

- Stylish design, range of sizings and colours - ropes and harnesses, shoes and helmets.. the range is huge!

Exelgard Fire Products


Exelgard has long been making reliable fire and safety products.

We have the ability to supply:


- ABE DCP Extinguishers

- BE DCP Extinguishers

- CO2 Extinguishers

- Water Extinguishers
- Foam Extinguishers

- Fire Blankets

- Fixed Hose Reels

- Vehicle Extinguisher Brackets ( all sizes )

- Smoke Alarms & Test Smoke ( in a can )