Gas Detection Training
MSMWHS217 - Gas test atmospheres )

( previously - 'MSAPMOHS217A' )


'Gas Detection' is a special unit of competency, in that you need to be able to understand various toxic gasses, their effect on the human body - and the various risks surrounding workplace hazards.

In this unit of competency, we cover risks around 'O2' oxygen deficient and excessive environments - ' H2S' Hydrogen Sulphide - where it comes from and what it does to the brain and body, LEL or explosive / flammable gasses and 'CO' Carbon Monoxide.

This is a thorough and interesting course, student's are given the chance to bump test and calibrate detectors.. we cover a bit of practical and theoretical application.

A very worthwhile course to consider if working in, on or around confined spaces - or if your role involves the use or operation of portable gas detection equipment.

Please note, if you do this competency and the Enter and Work in confined space we can offer a discounted price on this competency.

$200 per person, group pricing available