Tower Rescue / Rope Rescue


Do you work on a tower or structure ?



The technique of tower rescue is more than simply a unit of competency, it is a complete skill set that requires an understanding of 3 types of rescue technique.

Student's who do this course need to be 100% switched on, the course is hard - its tiring and it's repetitive..
You will learn how to safely set up anchors, and climb to - or descend to the casualty..
You will learn casualty care, you will manage the casualty and then get them down safely and quickly.

This course requires a pre-requisite of working at heights.

Students are limited to 6-8 students per course due to the intense and technical nature of the training.

Many experienced tower technicians have come back to us saying that this is possibly the best course they've done and the refresher is invaluable.

Price: POA - depends on student experience level.

Experienced students: 1 day
New Students: 2 - 4 days ( depending on experience )

Contact us with your query, and we'll discuss options to suit your requirements.